Giclée fine art technic

What is giclee printing and what are its benefits?

Photographers capture the life of their cameras. Images look great when displayed on a computer screen, but when the digital files are inflated in large print with the technology. That's when it gets really breathtaking. Artists such as photographers, painters, illustrators and sculptors breathe life into their creative visualized works with giclée fine art technology.

Giclee print in simple terms. The works of art are printed from high-resolution digital files with archive-quality colors on acid-free media. In fact, artists and art prints are made for each other. Only art prints that can bring out the vibrant colors in a picture of different material structures that fit in the desired size, make everyone look at the artist's work to take up an entire wall as a print that makes you feel WOW!

What is Giclée and how do you pronounce the term?

The term Giclée is a French-derived word meaning spray or spray which is how an inkjet printer works. It was coined by a printer by name, Jack Duganne in 1991. Which is a type of digital print that is printed with an inkjet printer on archival or high-quality media.

The word Giclée is pronounced as zshee-clay.

Is Giclée cloth or a piece of paper?

A Giclée is available both as canvas and paper. You can choose depending on the original art or image structure. The reproduction on media will be amazing with the right color and finish depth.

The workflow for giclee printing

A workflow is a sequence of steps that are followed to complete a procedure from the beginning of printing until you have the finished print in hand. The workflow for art prints or giclee prints involves six important steps until it reaches your threshold.

  1. The monitor is calibrated by the printer.

  2. The high-resolution digital files are loaded.

  3. Necessary color corrections are made and possibly the manipulation is done in Photoshop.

  4. The archiving media of the desired size is selected and loaded in the 11-color printer and the print command is given.

  5. The edges of the print are trimmed.

  6. The posters are packed and then transported safely in cardboard tubes with lids.

5 benefits of giclee printing

Long life, the colors are identical to the original pieces that never age or fade.

  1. The quality is incomparable with other prints available on the market

  2. Provides great accuracy and color depth

  3. Build a professional artistic environment at home or in the workplace

  4. Reasonable cost and minimal reproduction effort

  5. Generally accepted prints by art buyers in museums and galleries

Where can you see giclee prints?

  • Famous museums and galleries around the world

  • Improve the interior of hotels and restaurants

  • At national and international art community exhibitions

  • At home, you can create a high-quality artistic environment

  • Create a lively work atmosphere in the office or other workplaces

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